The World of E-Commerce Is Changing

Human behavior online is evolving, changing the landscape of retail. It’s not just brick and mortar anymore, and with such drastic shifts taking place, it’s critical to know who your end users are.

That’s where Xaximum comes in.

Struggles Manufacturers Are Facing Today

  • Resellers promote competing brands.
  • Little knowledge and data of the brand’s end users/customers.
  • Struggling with current distribution and retail channel models.
  • Exploring new channels such as influencers.

Struggles Retailers Are Facing Today

  • Only the biggest retailers can fully stock product.
  • Manufacturers do not offer adequate support
  • Confusion about changes in customer behavior.
  • Shift of sales to Amazon and other online portals.

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Xaximum Boosts Your Operation


You are in a fast-changing landscape. Xaximum provides tools that give you a competitive edge.


You are considering different models for distribution and sales in the future. Xaximum connects you to data that has been otherwise impossible to acquire… until now. Xaximum offers new sales solutions to help transition you into the future of retail.

The Underlying Magic

Xaximum Quick Look:

MVP Product launched: 2018

Recent progress
● Marketing automation beta to launch soon
● Connected to all major ecommerce platforms

MVP Functions:
● Delivers Xchange software products by API
● Delivers Waves software products by API
● Other digital product delivery APIs are being implemented

Xaximum 1.0 Workflow

Xaximum Delivers Results

  • Better user experience
  • Better access to information
  • Better communication
  • Actionable leads pushed to Retail
  • Invaluable data for Manufacturer
  • Increase in sales -everybody wins

Proprietary Technology

  • Xaximum empowers Manufacturers and Retailers.
  • We empower SMBs by allowing them to maintain control over the conversation with their customers.
  • Political and cultural trends are going to create opportunities for Amazon competitors. Xaximum empowers SMBs -we are empowered by apolitical shift already in play.

I want to learn more about Xaximum